BiRAL Lubricants embody the very best of Norwegian technology, innovation, and know-how.

Established in 1946, BiRAL Lubricants have dedicated and committed ourselves to solving seemingly «impossible» lubrication problems.

Quality for 75 years

BiRAL was established in 1946 as a lubricant specialist. We developed several secret recipes and was known for offering solutions for our customers “when nothing else worked”.

Developed and mixed in Norway, the lubricant was designed for the purpose of solving highly specialised and complex problems. 

The recipes were originally invented by the current owner’s father in his personal laboratory. BiRAL is a family owned company with a long tradition of creating superior products for challenging obstacles.

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High performance under all conditions

Our range of products includes special non-contaminating lubricants, greases which will not melt, and lubricants/greases which operate efficiently at over 1100°C down to minus 54°C. BiRAL’s anti-corrosion products are particularly interesting – providing protection for +18 months even in the harshest of environments.

Independent testing by highly reputed TI (Teknologisk Institutt) Norway and Japan’s Yamazaki Seiki Institute demonstrates that certain BiRAL lubricants give far better protection against corrosion – even atmospheric corrosion – than any other similar lubricants.

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