Visco grease

BiRAL VG is excellent wherever lubricating problems occur due to low and elevated temperatures and aggressive environments. Examples are conveyors, chains and wire ropes, conveyors and passenger lifts and moving stairways. VG finds ready applications in for instance Bottling plants, Packaging/Carton Making/Printing machines, bearings and equipment frequently subjected to extremes of heat, steam, seawater and aggressive chemical attack – in fact anywhere around the factory. VG’s high water repellence, which includes sea/salt water, makes it an extremely useful ‘tool’ for  Offshore and Maritime applications.


BiRAL VG can be used with complete confidence from:  -20ºC to +130ºC.  It is completely free from silicone, MoS², ptfe, 1,1,1,Trichloroethane, and any lead based additives.


Japan’s Yamasaki Seiki Institute independently tested VG and declared it an outstanding corrosion inhibiting lubricant.

  • Operational performance+
    BiRAL VG will not drip nor run . BiRAL VG withstands heavy loads. BiRAL VG is highly adhesive and water repellent. BiRAL VG Protects from rust, corrosion and chemical attack. BiRAL VG Provides lubrication over extended periods
  • Properties+
    Temperature Range: -20ºC - +130ºC Penetration worked & un-worked: 380 Drop Point: ASTM D 566: 130 Base oil flash point CC: 204ºC Corrosion test (copper strip): 144 hours @ 100ºC: NEGATIVE Water washout test ASTM D 1264 - 50/hrs @ 80ºC. Max grease loss: 3.28% 4 Ball Test: Mean Hertz load: 41 Insulating Property: NEM. Min. 50,000Ω
  • Material safety data sheet+

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