Penetrating oil

BiRAL PO penetrates rapidly and very deeply into the innermost, normally inaccessible parts of rusted and seized components.


Normal applications will free seized items in a few minutes.


In extreme cases it is advisable to spray the component two or three times over a period of 20-30 minutes, allowing the PO to penetrate deeply, before attempting to loosen the item.


Surface accretions of rust can be removed by spraying, allowing to soak for a few minutes and then gently removed by rubbing with copper or soft metal pads, emery paper or similar abrasive agents.

  • Operational performance+
    BiRAL PO is regarded as the world’s best penetrating oil and rust remover. PO boasts exceptional penetration PO rapidly eases seized bolts/threads PO provides long term protection from rust PO provides an excellent, fine lube film
  • Properties+
    Specific gravity at 15ºC: 0.85 Viscosity: cST at 40ºC: 15 ISO VG: 15 Colour: ASTM D 1500 1.0 Flash Point: ASTM D 92ºC 115 Pour Point: -45ºC
  • Material safety data sheet+

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