T&D is an outstanding lubricant for all metals especially steels, even stainless steel. Applications include chains, conveyors, hammer drills, cylinders, crankshafts, valve guide, lathes etc. In electronics manufacture T&D is highly valued for its very long life, extreme pressure resistance and complete freedom from silicone and ptfe. Thousands of plastics & rubber moulders rely on T&D everyday to ensure clean, seize-free lubrication of the ejector pins/systems used in moulding tools. T&D is excellent for all components moving at high-speed and, subject to heat e.g.:  pick & place robots, high-speed assembly, automatic firearms, conveyors of all descriptions and all sliding surfaces.


T&D’s thin yet enormously strong lubricating film has a ‘magnetic’ polar attraction to metals – once applied it remains in place indefinitely. T&D is a FIRST CHOICE LUBRICANT in Plastics & Rubber Processing, Electronics: PCB manufacture & Assembly, Printing & Clothing Manufacture.


BiRAL T&D can be used with complete confidence from: -40ºC to +200ºC.  It is completely free from silicone, MoS², ptfe, CFCs, 1,1,1,Trichloroethane, and lead EP (extreme pressure) additives.


T&D is exceptionally economical to use – very little is required to achieve optimum lubrication over extended periods.

  • Operational performance+
    BiRAL T&D resists very high pressures at -40ºC to +200ºC BiRAL T&D withstands extremely heavy loads. BiRAL T&D is extremely adhesive and water repellent. BiRAL T&D’s oil film is virtually unbreakable.. BiRAL T&D Provides lubrication over very long periods
  • Properties+
    Temperature Range: -40ºC to +200ºC Specific gravity at 15ºC.: 0.865 Viscosity: cST at 40ºC.: 29 cST at 100ºC.: 3.9 ISO VG: 32 V.I.: 95 Flash point: ASTM D 92ºC.: 210 Pour point: Deg. C.: -37ºC Colour: ASTM D 1500 0.5
  • Material safety data sheet+

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