BiRAL N-720

BiRAL N-720 is highly recommended for use wherever conventional greases drip away or completely disappears over time as a result of heat, wear or washout.


BiRAL N-720 proves excellent for lubricating slow running gears and bearings operating under heavy loads and under extreme environments e.g.: shipboard*, drilling rigs, mining, quarrying applications. BiRAL N-720 boasts incredibly strong adhesive properties. Its very long fibres make it particularly suited for applications involving rotating shafts, cogs, wheels, bearings, components etc.


The extra rust protection also makes the grease suitable for wet and corrosive environments.  BiRAL N-720 is suitable for heavily loaded industrial applications where water wash out is problematic.  The grease is also suitable for heavy-duty vehicles working outdoors in wet and dirty condition.


*BiRAL N-720 is used worldwide in various maritime applications not least in radar navigation equipment, marine stabilisers & hydrovanes.

  • Operational performance+
    BiRAL N-720 possesses an excellent water resistance BiRAL N-720 has an extreme load carrying capacity BiRAL N-720 endures high shock loads BiRAL N-720 provides excellent corrosion protection
  • Properties+
    Thickener: Lithium calcium Base fluid: Mineral oil Colour: Brown, NLGI grade ASTM D217 mod: 1 Temperature resistance: >180°C Penetration (ISO 2137): (60) 310-340 (100.000) +15 Drip/drop point: >180°C Oil separation (164h/40°C - IP 121): 5% 4-ball wear scar (1h at 400N) DIN 51350:5: 0,5 mm Water resistance DIN 51807/1: 0-90 Water washout 1h/80°C ISO 11009: 4% Corrosion protection : SKF Emcor WWO distilled water: 0-0 SKF Emcor WWO salt water: 2-3 Copper corrosion 24h/100°C: 1b
  • Material safety data sheet+

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