BiRAL N1-720

The thicker consistency super-adhesive grease that:

Will not melt or drip at high temperatures.

Resists low temperatures and the most aggressive environments.


BiRAL N1-720 is highly recommended for use wherever conventional greases drip away or completely disappears over time as a result of heat, wear or washout.


BiRAL N1-720 proves excellent for lubricating slow running gears which operate under heavy loads and under extreme environments e.g.: shipboard*, drilling rigs, mining, quarrying applications. N1-720 boasts incredibly strong adhesive properties. Its very long fibres make it particularly suited for applications involving rotating shafts, cogs, wheels, bearings, components etc.


*BiRAL N1-720 is used worldwide in various maritime applications not least in radar navigation equipment


Commonly supplied in 400gm cartridges and 5Kg tubs. Also available in 18, 50 and 180Kg drums.

  • Operational performance+
    BiRAL N1-720’s lubricating film maintains contact with all moving parts in gears, bearings etc. The high drop point means that N-720 will not melt or drip at high temperatures – up to +270°C. BiRAL N1-720 not only lubricates – it also protects against corrosion especially from salt-water attack and most corrosive chemicals. A very high adhesion factor means that N-720 is also highly resistant to water washout and steam pressure cleaning.
  • Properties+
    Temperature resistance (top): 270°C Penetration: (60) 330±10 Drip/drop point: Nil Oil Bleeding: (100ºC. 24 hrs.) 3.8% Evaporation: (100ºC. 24 hrs.) 3.0% Evaporation factor: (100ºC. 24 hrs) 1.81 Copper-strip-test: (100ºC. 24 hrs) Passed Oxidation resistance: (99ºC. 100 t kgf/cm2): 0,29 Water washout: (79ºC. 1 hr) 0,76
  • Material safety data sheet+

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